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I have refitted my Amel Euros 41
It is a very sturdy boat. I cannot think anything other than the usual checking for any second hand boat. I could not find 'weak' points yet. I even peeled the hull because there were a lot of paint layers and I could not find blisters.

For instance, check the shaft bearing, because to replace it you will need to move the engine. Due to the skeg, you cannot get the shaft off if you do not move the engine. If you plan to outhaul the engine anyway, then take the opportunity to do it.

Check the iron ballast at the keel, if it is properly fitted, etc.

The windscreen methacrylates on both sides (rounded) are difficult to replace, I got them specially made (very expensive). Maybe it is better to replace by another solution (a frame with straight screens).

The main traveller and the mizzen traveller pieces (stops) are very difficult to find (old Goiot, I think), so check that they are there. I sounds stupid but maybe you have to replace the bar, just because of you cannot get the stoppers to stop the traveller from moving.

Having said that, any second hand boat needs to be carefully inspected as you may know.

Also, I would replace the big fridge box under the chart table by a one piece fridge (or 2), instead of placing a compressor. But these are after-purchase fittings.

I do not know, if you can post photos I may be able to tell you more.


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I am considering a Amel Euros 41. As an older Amel can any group members provide insight onto the boats possible trouble spots? Are there any particular questions I should ask outside of the typical old boat questions(engine, rig, sails, ect)?

Thank you.

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