Re: Refrigeration Cooling

Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,

Well, if you've been sucking up sea water to cool the refrigerant with no problem other than the occasional jelly fish, I rather think switching to pure tank water would be, if anything, hugely less problematical and would not require any filtration at all.

Don't know the exact pump flow of your boat in gph, but with -what? - a 200-ish gallon tank in your SM, I can't imagine any problem whatsoever - it ain't gonna overheat. Also, the intake from our tanks is a couple of inches off the bottom - ain't gonna suck air. (Halekai didn't have a keel tank, but that's not germane to our Amels where it's no problemo.)

Keep it simple, forget valves and filters, and just go for it!

Cheers, Craig

--- In amelyachtowners@..., Kent Robertson wrote:

I like it too, Craig. What do you think about my idea of putting a filter in the line from the tank to the pump? A couple of valves would make it easy to change and with good water in the tank it shouldn't need changing often? Any idea how much water is moved by that pump? Would turn over the tank water pretty frequently, I think. You'd have to put the intake very low (is the tank flat or does it have a shape like the hull?) to keep it from sucking air when underway.

A perfect solution that I'll be switching to.

Craig Briggs, in FL while
s/v Sangaris SN#68 is in Didim, Turkey

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