Re: [Amel] Stock Alternator on a Perkins Prima M50

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Hi Joe,
The workshop manual lists the Lucas A127, they made two versions a 55A and a 70A. We have the 70A on our M50 which I would think was the standard marine fitting as it it was the same on our older 4108.

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Sent: Thursday, 31 January 2013, 13:56
Subject: [Amel] Stock Alternator on a Perkins Prima M50

Hi All
Can anyone tell me what was the make and model of the stock Alternator fitted to the Perkins Prima M50.
Ours dates from 1992 and I belive that it was a Lucas model. But its the the usual story, I'm here (Dublin) and the Boat is there, (Alghero) and we will not see her till we head out in March to do some work.
I've aquired to a Bosch 120amp Alternator that I hope to fit and regulate with an external smart charger. But it would be good to have a replacement Regulator for the current Alternator.

Regards Joe

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