Foredeck locker leaks


During the survey of Libbey SM196 last year it was noted that there was moisture in both the foredeck lockers. We have finally got around to finding the source of the intrusion. Having emptied both lockers and climbing inside, water stains around the 6 latch trough bolts were a tell tale sign.
Removing all 6 latches confirmed my suspicion. Wet coring material around all but 3 of the 24 through bolts was observed.
To my astonishment there was absolutely no sign what so ever of bedding or sealant around any of the fasteners. Keep in mind that several of these fasteners sit in the faux teak deck joints that water runs down!
My remedy was to drill out the existing holes with a drill bit 2x the orignal hole size, duct tape the underside of the holes/deck, fill with epoxy, re-drill to the correct size and re-install the deck hardware with Boatlife Life Seal.
Surprised that such a quality built vessel would have something like this overlooked!
Hope this is of use.

SV Libby. SM196

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