Amiot switch panel bulbs

Tony Robinson <tonywrobinson51@...>

Hello everyone - some of the blue lights on my Amel 54 24V switch panel have blown. These are just to illuminate the switches at night. UnlikeĀ  the red lights indicating a circuit is switched on which are individually mounted and can be changed one by one, the blue lights are soldered on to two circuit boards.

I've changed one of these circuit boards with a new one I ordered up directly from Amel, but they charged a ludicrous price of over 100 euros. Does anyone know where I can get the same board at a sensible price? The one I took out was manufactured by Amiot but when I Google them all I get is an address in St. Malo, France - no stockists, suppliers or replacement/alternative suggestions. I know Beneteau use the same brand on their switch panels, but no luck there either.

Can anyone suggest anything ?

Thanks, Tony Robinson - Catriona R, Amel 54 no 102

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