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Jose_Luis <lji0041@...>

Hi Ullar,

I have an Amel 41 at the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

I have not been able to find traveler or stoppers that match the track T profile (as it is not exactly a T). So I keep them dearly. That means that you would need to replace the track as well, unless you can get the traveler and stoppers specially made. The curve shape is not helping either.

In fact, If I would spend money on it. I would prefer to setup another track in front of the windscreens (afront), on top of the main cabin. This would also clear the cockpit and will allow you to put canvas for summer sailing.

But I have not made calculations as if the boom (or the cabin top) would stand the stress of this new position.
There is also the compromise of the opening windscreen windows, that will require also some solution.


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Hello everybody,
My wife Ellen and I are fresh owners of an old Amel. We bought our Euros 41 no 250 last summer and sailed it for a couple of months on Baltic before wintering it on shore in Estonia. PO has kept the boat in good condition so we didn't have no problems what so ever with it during our time on water. However, being keen sailors and having plans to go further away we see some room for improvements. Even on such an old boat many things are relatively easy to modernise, specially with help of the knowledge gathered on inernet forums like this one. Then again, answers for some questions are more difficult to come by. And here it comes why I decided to trouble you with my request for information. After hauling mainsheet car from side to side by hand for a month it was clear to me that I have to do something to arrange that business in more agreeable way. So, what are my options? Should I get rid of all of it and replace with a new sytem with towed car? Or is there a possibility to keep the track and use new towable car and other hardware with it? What have others done?

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