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It was a combination of factors. The original track did not appear to be through bolted. I suspect there is a strip of steel that was basically embedded, and then holes drilled and tapped to accept the screws for the original Goiot track. There was no sign of any problem with the track. After consulting with a few riggers who had seen similar installations, we decided to mount the new track on top of the existing.

Here is a link to a photo of the track right after it was installed. We used Lanocote on the machine screws to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. That's the orange colored goop you see in the photo around the screws.

The beauty of this approach is we were able to use off the shelf Harken hardware that is both robust and readily available.

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Hi Dave,

That sounds interesting. Why did you keep the original track below the new one? Was Goiot track difficult to remove or was it something else that brought you to that solution?

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We have an older Amel also, a 1979 Maramu. We fitted a Harken Big Boat track to our boat. The original Goiot track was substantial enough that we could drill and tap mounting holes for the Harken track.

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