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Alan Leslie

There seem to be a lot of Super Maramus out there with inner forestays.

DO we assume that they are all as per the JFP modification ? ie just lashed to the cleat with no below deck support.

Seems to me ANY inner forestay needs a direct attachment to the stem below decks, otherwise it could pull the deck apart.

Anybody got a Super Maramu with an inner forestay that's done properly ?
AND photos of how it was done ?

I'm buying a Super Maramu that has an inner forestay...but if its not done properly, this will need to be rectified.


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Uh Oh.

Eric, the JFP on that drawing is me. Several months after I sent that to
you, I got reamed, but good, by Jacques Carteau. He found out I was
encouraging this modification and proceeded to inform me that:

1. The foredeck cleat was never designed with any vertical tension loads
in mind, only horizontal shearing loads.

2. None of the plywood in the forepeak, on the horizontal plane, is
designed to be structural in any way other than a slight amount of
stiffening to the hull skins in this area. They are designed primarily as
compartmentalizing components, not structural ones.

3. To be done properly, the tension load from the inner forestay would
need to be carried directly into the stem area and a substantial stainless
steel structural member would need to be mounted inside the stem with an
equally substantial backing plate on the outside of the stemhead.

4. DON'T DO THIS MOD AS DRAWN!!! If the mast pumps, even slightly as it
can when falling off a way or stuffing the bow into a big wave, it will
overload everything this mistake is attached to. Eventually it can cause
severe damage to the foredeck and the hull/deck union.

5. Jacques Carteau went on to imply that I didn't know who my parents
were and suggested I do some things that are anatomically impossible.
Jacques Carteau, as most of us know, was the eyes of Captain Amel and
actually was the designer of a great many parts of the boat, based on input
from the Captain.

Eric, I neglected to remember to tell you this was a bone head idea, and I
apologize. It was based on a modification that one of my customers had done.
Because he was, really and truly, a rocket scientist that worked for
Lockheed, I thought he could be trusted. Nope. My ears are still ringing
from Carteau's reprimand.

I was and am quite embarrassed by this.

Please, don't do this!

All the best,


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I received this from Amel years ago.

It is also posted in Kimberlite Photo File.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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