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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Dear John, I emailed Brunton to enquire about this issue, their reply is below. I responded with  further queries and he responded that every Amel since 1999 had been fitted with the auto prop and there had been no issues of clutch plate wearing. I did believe there may be a problem but he has reassured me.
SM 299 Ocean Pearl
Dear Mr Simms,
The method to feather the propeller is exactly as you describe: leave the gearbox in forward gear.
There is no need to fit a shaft brake on your boat.
Toby Ramsay
Bruntons Propellers Ltd

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Thanks. As I understand it these smaller ZF mechanical boxes can be freewheeled or left in reverse to lock the shaft. They should not be left in forward or the clutch plates wear out. Maybe anyone can correct me if I am wrong.

John, Maramu #91 Popeye

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Not Not sure about the bracket holes but you must be sure that that transmission will survive freewheeling to run the alternator off the transmission shaft.


Richard Piller

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Is there anyone with a ZF30M gearbox who happens to know if there are bolt holes to mount a shaft alternator bracket like those present on the ZF25M (Hurth 250)? The Yanmar 75hp can be bought standard with the ZF30M rather than the ZF25M. I am replacing a Perkins M60/ZF25M.

John, Maramu #91 Popeye

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