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I'd like to think it was that easy...but unless you know what pitch they're listening for (and aren't tone deaf) this doesn't really help much. After I had my standing rigging changed, I took Kristy out in a 15 kt wind and sailed her upwind on both tacks. Even though I told the rigger that Amel rigs were significantly tighter than most, the lee shrouds were loose. I took them up several turns until they weren't sagging, then tacked and took them up the same number of turns on the other side. I did this a second time tightening a couple more turns until the shrouds were pretty tight and on the leeward side they didn't feel at all loose. After I got back to the dock I could see a little forward lean to the upper half of the main, but the stick was perfectly straight from side to side. I then tightened the forward shrouds a turn and loosened the aft ones the same amount until the mast was straight fore and aft. I've left it there and it still looks straight, but I have no idea if the tension is correct.

If someone whose rig is set by Amel could test the tension and record it, that would take a lot of the mystery out of it for those of us who are musically challenged (-:
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When I picked up Kimberlite, I recall a rigger was tensioning the rig on the
boat next to me. I believe it was the next boat to be delivered. He had a
set of adjustable wrenches in his hand and after a while, he just hit the
rigging with the handle of the wrench. He then tightened the rig until he
heard the right sound and moved on to the next piece of rigging.

I also remember looking at a video from Brian Toss and American rigger,
using a similar technique.

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I am of the opinion, thumping the shrouds with a rubber mallet as posted
previously on this site to determine the tension is a load of crap. I
downloaded a manual (and there are quite a few) on masts and rigging from
Seldens Rigging and Masts site, in particular "Hints and Advice" manual at, There is a method on
Tensioning the cap shrouds on page 28. I downloaded this PDF to my iPad and
saved it to access in my Reference folder in iBooks.

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Does anyone know the rigging tension required for the SM model.

Paul & Sue LaFrance
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