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Actually there is a new French site on which I took the liberty
of posting your message. The address is

Philippe Guyot
Baligand SM 245

--- In, Anne and John Hollamby
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I have had an alarming Email from the owner Yves Martin
d'Aigueperse SM
311, Blue Marine, which I copy below. Can anyone provide helpful
which I will forward as, for some strange reason their attempts to
this site have been rejected.

Dear Anne and John,
Thank you for your last mail together with the technical details.
As to my salty water, I am sure it comes from the Watermaker, a
with less than 500 hours.
A few weeks ago, I took water at the outlet of the equipment and
the salt
rate was so high that the test meter was saying: immeasurable,
which means
2000 ppm. Mixed in the tanks, I had at that time 1335 ppm, but
more when not mixed with marina water.
I had noticed, several months ago, that the good quality light was
put on
after 2 minutes, even with no H.P, so with no production. I was
told by
AMEL that it was normal. At that time I was inclined to believe

At the same time, Another S.M. 2000, a Swiss, told me that the
automatism, which is supposed to survey the salt rate, alert in
case of bad
quality and send the water back to sea, was not connected. I could
believe that. Now, I am pretty sure it is the truth.
I wrote Patrick WAGNER, M.D. of Dessalator (dessalator@w...)
a few technical information. He always replied without answering
my questions. He finally had to admit that I was right, it was a
choice to send water, even salty, in the tanks. All that, without
any kind
of alarm, and leaving the Good Quality light on. Till when????
You can imagine the disasters it can cause on equipment which are
designed for salty water: pump, pipes, expansion tanks, faucets and
thermostats, anti-bacterial ceramic filters Some happened to me
without I
could understand why.

The entire equipment is not in conformity with promotional and
docs and explanation which were provided on commissioning of the

I asked Dessalator to put my installation in conformity with the
spec. I am
still waiting for the answer.
Taking into consideration the high level of risk, I suggest that
should test his equipment: It is easy to see if the good quality
light gets
on according to a chronometric basis (~2 min) even without water
production and if there is no voltage arriving at the salinity
Fortunately, it is not as bad as your salt water problem.

As to your HP pump problem, you have to be careful that no air
gets in when
in function: cavitations with high pressure destroys the valves;
This can
happen if your anti-pulse device is not functioning well, or if
air enters
because the boat is listed(?) on portside; The recommended primary
pump is
not installed on our boats, and all the water (Engine, genset,
toilets, .)
enters by the same hole.

As to the forum question, I got connected, filled an internet
form, had an acknowledgement of receipt, and a few days latter,
received a
mail saying : Not admitted, without explanation.
Another friend of mine was, also, most surprised of this rejection.
I will try again, but..???? I dont understand why they rejected me.

A French speaking forum could also be useful for non English
people. An exchange/ translation could be interesting, but probably
difficult to organise.

My insurance company just advised me of a new increase of price
(+70% in 4
years). As for you??? Do you know, through the forum, of a

Hopefully, we will be able to leave Puerto la Cruz shortly , when
we will
have received the watermaker parts, and we will not be connected
Bonaire, in 3 to 4 weeks.

Greetings from Marie-Christine and Yves.

P.S. Should you be interested, I join my detailed correspondence
with Dessalator. Your are not obliged to read. It is in French,
but I am
quite sure yours is good enough to understand, and you could find
some help
from other Yachties.

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