Transmission Coupler

seafeverofcuan <seafeverofcuan@...>

Hi Danny,
I simply can't thank you enough , your instructions were very clear and when followed the Yanmar engine walked out of there. I was very surprised how easy it was to move the engine with just enough leverage using a two inch steel pole and very little effort.
I also received a very helpful file from Roque via Amel with some photographs of how to release the C drive on an Amel 54 with a Volvo unit.
There seems to be a Vetus coupler on all the both Volvo and Yanmar units. I also noted on the photographs from Roque that there now appears to be either wiring for a gauge or an alarm for overheating on the 54 directly to the gear box.
When I eventually get Seafever moving again that will be right at the top of my shopping list to avoid this ever happening again.
kInd regards,

Seafever of Cuan
Supermaramu 425

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