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Hard not to be confused ! You are slightly wrong...the instruction is to
switch the machine on and when the high pressure pump kicks in after about
a minute, to then turn the knob to increase the pressure up to the green
section on the gauge.
The system has a salinity monitor which Amel's handbook says should be
cleaned from time to time. With a normal watermaker this monitor opens a
solenoid valve when the water passing over it is pure and closes it so that
the output goes back into the sea if the output is not desalinated
It seems that the Amel version of the Dessalator does not work in this way.
If you switch it on without turning up the pressurising knob the green
"good quality" light will come on after 120 seconds regardless at which
time you will hear a click which, I think, must be the solenoid valve
opening. This would not matter much if the machine is pressurised and makes
pure drinking water. It seems that the monitor is not connected to anything
My understanding of Blue Marines experience is that there is another
problem with their machine so that it is not desalinating and as the
monitor is not connected salt water is pumped into their watertank.
Clearly, if this is the case, it could create a major problem in a
transoceanic voyage and as they say salt water does not improve all the
equipment dependent on fresh water (including human beings).
Perhaps I am misunderstanding the situation but no doubt this forum will
get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes to all, Anne and John on Bali
Hai SM319

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