Re: [Amel] Re: Splitting The Battery Bank

Paul LaFrance <pflafrance@...>

The Magma charger is working great. Been in for 2.5 YRS. The only problem is when inverting is it drains the batteries quickly. ie: can only run the water maker for 1/2 hr before it shuts off due to low battery power. Can run 2 AC units for 2 hrs before low battery.
When charging with both units they put out approx. 190 amps for a short while and as batteries are being charged it decreases quite rapidly. 1/2 hr to replace 100 Amp Hrs.
When hooked up to shore power I run the power through the Dolphin 30 Amp charger. The Magma could also take 60 cycle and convert to 50 cycle.
I will sent photos of the Battery Bank if you can provide an email address so i can attach.
I would not separate the battery bank again as the current chargers can handle the required Amp/Hrs usage replacement

Paul & Sue LaFrance
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