Re: [Amel] Battery Chargers and Inverters


Steve, that's a great explanation of our systems. I was looking at a 2500 W inverter because that's what my old Heart Interface charger/inverter had. I was looking at 100A charger on advice of others who've said it reduces their charge times. The old one was 65A. My usage is similar to yours, about 130 AH per day. My 420 AH battery bank would be pretty low if I tried to charge only once a day, but if I had a larger bank I could probably do it. The batteries I have are group 27 and a little larger than the group 31's, I think.
What kind of stand-alone inverter do you have? The Magnum charger is the one closest to the 100A / 2500W inverter that I could find. If I could find a 2500W stand alone inverter, that's what I'd do. Would I be able to use the same wiring that I have from the old Heart Interface? I'd need a 220 input for the charger, a 24v output from the charger (both from the old wiring), a 24V input to the inverter (which I could take from the 24V studs on the foreword bulkhead in the engine room) and use the 220V output cables from the old Heart. Am I missing something here? The old Heart had a 65 A charger, so maybe larger wires to the battery bank if I got a 100A charger? I guess if I got another 65 A charger I could run that one and the Charles 60A together for 125A during the bulk charge.

It looks like I should probably find a good electrician to help me with this, but I hate paying someone for hours of figuring out how Amels are wired, and I've not had much luck finding anyone in Brunswick who seems to know anything about European wiring. Has anyone had a good experience with an electrician from Jacksonville or Savannah?
Thanks again for all your thoughts and help.
SM 243

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