Re: Battery Chargers and Inverters

John S. Rogers <jsrogers@...>

Hi Kent. I read the post by Paul LaFrance and recognized his name and his
boat because Phil Steel designed his power system as he did mine. I
forwarded your post on to him as he understands your problem.

Phil installed my Magnum charger / inverter with a Blue Sea Control System.
The answer to your question "Does the Magnum do this [give preference to
shore power} or does it produce 50Hz power even when hooked up to 60Hz shore
power? " is yes to both. It does give preference to shore power but you do
not have to unplug your shore power to use your microwave; just turn off the
shore power with a switch, turn on the microwave and the Magnum will
automatically start inverting power from your batteries to produce 220v/50hz
power. The power used by the batteries can then be replaced by a second
charger and depending upon its capacity, may potentially be replenished at
the same rate that it is used.

Phil will be glad to explain this too you (207-350-7080)

John Rogers, currently in Stratford, CT

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