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The Magma charger works independent of the Dolphin charger when hooked up to shore power. The Dolphin 30 Amp charger takes 110/60 and puts it into 220/50 to the 24 V batteries. I run the inverter off the Magma to power the 220/50 items on the 220 panel in the galley . The 100 Amp Dolphin charger is not used as shore power in the USA is normally 30 Amp max and the line to charge as supplied from Amel is not capable of taking higher amp output from shore. I will send picks of the batteries in the next few days

Paul LaFrance

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Does your Magnum inverter work independently of the charger? ie if you are hooked up to 60 cycle shore power and run the microwave or A/C, are they getting 50Hz or 60 Hz power?



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The Magma charger is working great. Been in for 2.5 YRS. The only problem is when inverting is it drains the batteries quickly. ie: can only run the water maker for 1/2 hr before it shuts off due to low battery power. Can run 2 AC units for 2 hrs before low battery.

When charging with both units they put out approx. 190 amps for a short while and as batteries are being charged it decreases quite rapidly. 1/2 hr to replace 100 Amp Hrs.

When hooked up to shore power I run the power through the Dolphin 30 Amp charger. The Magma could also take 60 cycle and convert to 50 cycle.

I will sent photos of the Battery Bank if you can provide an email address so i can attach.

I would not separate the battery bank again as the current chargers can handle the required Amp/Hrs usage replacement

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