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I finally tracked down the info I vaguely remembered about the size of the battery compartment.  The later SMs had an option available called the "Comfort Package", which included an increase in the size to accommodate 13 instead of 9 batteries.  I've never seen one, so I can't say where they found the extra room.

The interesting thing is that it will also hold four 8-Ds plus a G-31 starting battery.  The obvious downside is the weight and physical size of the 8-D, because installation and replacement would be a lot more challenging for the average Amel owner.


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Hi Kent,

Summer Love (SM340) has the same size battery compartment that you probably have on Kristy (i.e. 8 - 12V size 30H Trojan SCS225 house, plus 1 starting).  I seem to remember Joel telling me that he had convinced Amel to increase the size of the battery compartment on the later model SMs (please correct me if I'm wrong on this, Joel), which would explain why Paul is able to fit 12 of them and we can't.  If "Kristy" doesn't have the larger compartment, you'll be limited to 9 batteries...

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