Running cables in Mizzen Mast <andrew@...>

I have been trying to run a coax cable from a 3G antenna mounted just above the radar on the mizzen-mast. There did not seem to be enough space to run it down beside the radar cable so given that there was also a cord running from the top of the mast to the base on the starboard side I thought that it would be possible to drill a hole in the starboard side (the radar cable goes down the Port side) and pick up the cord half way down the mast. The cable runs on either side of the mast seem to be in the gutter between the furling channel at the stern of the mast and a space in the front of the mast (where the sail halyard runs) confirmed also by viewing the cord on the Port side through the hole for the radar cable. However to my surprise when I drilled a hole into the equivalent gutter on the starboard side I could confirm that I was in the gutter but no cord or mast head antenna cable were visible (which runs down the Starboard side). When I look at both the top and bottom of the mast the cable and cord both enter in this space. So my question is – does anyone know where the cable run goes in between the top and the bottom?

SM 472 - Ronpische

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