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hanspeter baettig

Great reply Joel. Your are absolutly correct with your input concerning this forum.
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Damn the luck.  I don't suppose anyone has one of those cool Starship Enterprise saloon lamps for sale, do
they?    :-)


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Inverters Update - Comfort Package

Steve is right about the ‘Comfort Pac’ option which included more batteries in
a widened containment ( the four extra batteries are mounted fore and aft at the inboard area rather than athwart ), a
100HP Yanmar, dual racors, bigger alternator, four burner stove with a bigger oven ( turkey, yes…small one ) Starship
Enterprise saloon lamp over the dinette, 100 amp and 30 amp chargers rather than one 50 amp, double bow roller assembly
in stainless steel, and a 125 or 175 amp alternator on the main engine.

Indeed the batteries were kept in 31 series
rather than 8D’s to facilitate easier installation. When I noted that the new box would also hold 8D’s, as I had
secretly manipulated for, Jacques Carteau who knew I am slightly scheming, hollered, “ Stop Pushing!!! ‘’ when I asked
for this added option of 8D’s. He said French shipyard workers are not great big dudes like guys from Texas, or perhaps
Saskatchewan and it would cause injury to these Frenchies totting those big fat batteries around. At least the box is
big enough if you happen to be related to someone from one of the aforementioned areas to assist in the installation…

Steve, you hoser, the guy who ordered your boat was the only guy in North America to buy a new Amel when this option
became available that I could not talk into the Comfort Pac. What did I tell ya?!? Regarding your running commentary
and conclusions, I would have to say that my experiences bear out the correctness of what you say. The great thing
about having sold more Amel boats, used and new combined than anyone else, is the great fountain of extremely useful
information I am able to harvest from folks who have long term usage of their Amel and thoughtfully considered all the
systems during the time they were aboard. Nobody is more honest than a cruiser who is done, swallowed the anchor, who
has just sold the boat and been paid in full. No more ego to salve and the truth then outs!

I think it is good advice
to get all the opinions one can gather from thoughtful experienced cruisers who take a conservative approach to
upgrading and modifying things, when considering what to change and what not to mess with. The
newest/latest/greatest/state of the art stuff usually has weakness than manifests itself in beta site applications,
that evolves to more useful status with a bit of time and maturing.

It makes me proud of all of you that this site is
so civilized and generally useful compared to other high end production cruisers sites whom we compete with. Other
sites always have at least a couple of owners who are ready to burn someone’s house down and salt their fields. In
addition to all the good that comes out of our exchanges, the fact that we don’t “eat our young” as it were also adds
value when time to sell comes around and prospective Amel owners start sniffing around. This is very important.

the best,

Joel F. Potter

Joel F. Potter - Cruising Yacht Specialist, LLC

Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

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I finally tracked down the info I vaguely
remembered about the size of the battery compartment. The later SMs had an option available called the "Comfort
Package", which included an increase in the size to accommodate 13 instead of 9 batteries. I've never seen one, so I
can't say where they found the extra room.

The interesting thing is that it will also hold four 8-Ds plus a G-31
starting battery. The obvious downside is the weight and physical size of the 8-D, because installation and
replacement would be a lot more challenging for the average Amel owner.


Steve Constantine svsummerlove@... >
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Subject: Re: [Amel] Battery Chargers and Inverters

Hi Kent,

Summer Love
(SM340) has the same size battery compartment that you probably have on Kristy (i.e. 8 - 12V size 30H Trojan SCS225
house, plus 1 starting). I seem to remember Joel telling me that he had convinced Amel to increase the size of the
battery compartment on the later model SMs (please correct me if I'm wrong on this, Joel), which would explain why Paul
is able to fit 12 of them and we can't. If "Kristy" doesn't have the larger compartment, you'll be limited to 9

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