Re: [Amel] Bow Thruster Problem


Hi Gary, that motor has a lot of "meat" on the commutator and should be able
to be turned on a lathe to perfect status at least once. I would get the
brushes and take to motor to any good commercial electric motor supply and
repair shop which you can find online or in the local yellow pages. They can
most likely rebuild it as good as new and will probably tell you up front if
they can't.

Lowell and Sharon Blossom enjoyed meeting you two. Lowell is responsible for
several of my bad/expensive habits and hobbies.

All the best,


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Subject: [Amel] Bow Thruster Problem

On my AMEL 54 #44 I have a Side Power Bow Thruster (model #SP155TCi). It
looks like my carbon brushes in the electronic motor need replacing as they
have worn out. Has any one had this problem? If so, what did you do to
correct the problem? Did you order and replace the carbon brushes or did you
have to replace the electric motor? Any other comments would be welcome.
Thank you,

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