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If you are going to be n one country for a while you may be able to get a reasonably priced SIM card. I've not been in one country lo g enough to make that work for me. Some folks have wifi boosters that allow them to pick up wifi from out in the harbour if you're anchored close to a town. If you're between islands you can get enough signal on many passages to get email and text messages, but the cost is outrageous unless you have a local provider. I haven't found a satisfactory solution in the five seasons I've been sailing the Caribbean.
I'm eagerly awaiting someone's simple solution.
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Thanks Anne & John
I will,look at them but ifmthe cost still is as you say, they are expensive......

Regards /Annsofie

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Hello Anne-Sophie, There is a company which claims to be the best for yacht crew, cruisers etc. Check out or Email They do do sim cards which work almost anywhere in the world. One is a voice and data card and the other is data only. The voice and data card can be much more expensive but they recommended it to us to use on our iPad during a trip to Hong Kong,Australia and New Zealand saying that it was easier to activate than the data card. It costs € 1.49 per Mb for most of Europe but €12.99 per Mb for most Caribbean islands and Hong Kong and €16.99 for Australia and €20.99 per Mb for NZ. The data card for most of the Windies costs €14 per Mb.
I assume that the local rates over there are even more outrageous. It is important to switch off all updating etc or the Mb will vanish PDQ and of course only connect whilst receiving or sending mail.

Good luck on the trip, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319, Malta

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