Engine - Propeler problem

Dimitris <dkra@...>

I have sent in the past an e-mail about the engine not increasing
the revolutions rpm after sailing. I have monitored the problem and
I am quite sure now that the problem was due to barnacle growth on
the propeller and not an engine problem. The time necessary to
increase the rpm has been decreased after use of the engine. It
seems that the blades came to the forward position more easily.

I saw also recently that the engine was not able to increase the
revolutions over 2500 rpm and by diving and cleaning the propeller
the engine was able to increase to 3000 so this has been explained.

Now I have a new problem. I found out during last week-end that the
oil in the main engine drive has become white. I understand that
this means that sea water has entered the system. I was surprised as
I had not a problem with a rope as I have also a rope cutter in the
propeller shaft and I have checked one week end ago by diving that
everything was ok. How urgent it is to haul out the boat and change
the oil? I do not see a big increase of the liquid height in the jar
in the engine room.

I need your experience on that. I have to replace the brass ring and
the o-rings?


SM-Alma Libre

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