Re: SM Bow Thruster question.

Mark Erdos


I will email you a detailed schematic of the bow thruster. I just recently purchased replacement parts for mine for a haul out. I ordered from Amel cusomter service. The complete set of seals was 47 euros. They arrived within 4 business days. Shipping was minimal since they are foam.

Cream Puff
SM2K #275

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So I am new owner of a '92 SM (PAO SAN). Anyways, the seal on the bow thruster is completely shot. Does anyone know of a state-side source for new material? Also, I am located in PA and the boat is in FL, so I cannot physically put my hands on this problem. Does anyone have detailed pictures of the bow thruster assembly? Or possibly the dimensions and specs of the seal needed? Or even better...are there any SM owners even remotely near the PA area who would be willing to let me see the bow thruster in person. I just need to see this thing to get a good idea of what I am working with.

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