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Oh, that sounds interesting. Can you apply under water as well?

Unfortunately 3M doesn't have all of their products in Sweden, but I think we can sort that out. Internet is wonderful!


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8 mar 2013 kl. 13:26 skrev "Richard03801" <richard03801@...>:

Hi it is a very strong sealant that is made by 3M. It comes in black or white. Once on a surface it stays and can be used above and below the waterline.


Richard Piller

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Hi Phil,
What is 5200?

Lady Annnila

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8 mar 2013 kl. 03:14 skrev "phil.berghmans" <no_reply@...>:


I did replace it with 3m 5200 done it four years ago and everything is still fine.Alltough i am in the tropics with lots off sun.

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Is there any one who has replaced the white filling in the metal rail that the genoa cart is running on?

Any tips on how to fix new filling is apreciated.

S/Y Lady Annila SM #232
at Crete, Greece.

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