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Getting an ICC now is not hard and you can get one in various countries in
the Med. In Spain you can get one from 300 to 600 euros, depending on how
many days it will take you to be prepared (up to 5 days) for the exam. You
can read a book in advance, if you feel like, such as Adlard Coles


Having said that, I never got one and never needed. Regarding France, we
were boarded last year by France Coast Guard, close to Corse. Four of them
stayed aboard for over one hour, opened each and every locker, examined all
documents aboard, but never asked for an ICC.


Atica Amel 54

2013/3/11 Anne and John Hollamby <annejohnholl@...>


Information can be read on Google but is perhaps too bureaucratic. Perhaps
twenty five or so years ago this certificate was issued by the Secretary of
ones Royal Yacht Club in the UK and was valid for five years. There was no
test. I got one in 1980 before we set off for twenty years sailing from the
UK to the Med, West Indies and South Pacific as far as Oz and NZ. Since
then we have spent the last ten years cruising the Med every summer. The
original certificate was superseded by the one described on Google at least
twenty years ago.
It was about four years ago that I was asked for my certificate for the
first time ever somewhere in Greece and when I showed the official my long
since expired one he pointed out that it had expired fifteen years earlier
I told him that I had become more competent since then which flummoxed him
and that was the end of it. I have not bothered since but have a fall back
in that Anne has a Swedish one issued about thirty or forty years ago.
Basically I doubt that it will ever be called for except in France where
they are pretty strict about everything on yachts.

Anne and John,Bali Hai, SM 319

From: Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe
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So sorry, I apologize. But being a Texan, many of you guys look the same
to me ;>) No one wears white 10 gallon hats over there ;>)

That said, several years ago when I looked into the ICC, I was referred to
the RYA. When I contacted the RYA, they indeed told me that they offer an
ICC, but that I would have to come to the UK to obtain it. I guess I
misunderstood what they were telling me.

But, to my American friends, an ICC is a European thing that, in our
experience, you probably will not be asked for. If you are asked, you may
have to take your dollars to another country where they don't ask.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

--- In, Peter Forbes <ppsforbes@...>

Not fair - ICC is not British - we have out own RYA Yachtmaster system -
ICC is European /French!

Best wishes

Peter Forbes

07836 209730

On 11 Mar 2013, at 17:49, "Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe" <yahoogroups@...>


We are by no means experts on this, but let me tell you our experience:

We have USCG licenses and have been asked for "proof of competency" in
several countries: Sri Lanka and Greece...I do not believe that we would
have been denied entraance, but we have a friend that was denied entrance
into Montenegro because he did not have anything.

This "International Proof of Competency" is NOT really International,
but a European, and primarily British thing. Sometimes Europe does not see
beyond their borders.

If you plan to cross oceans and cruise the Med, I would suggest
getting your USCG Master's licence. Depending on your insurance carrier, it
may get you enough savings in insurance to off-set the approximate $500-700
cost associated in acquiring the license and the required TWIC. You may
find portions of the course rewarding and enjoyable. You probably do not
need a Masters license and I am guessing that an OUPV (6 pack) USCG licence
will be enough in any foreign country. The license is impressive looking,
resembling a passport except red/orange in color. Included in the license
acquisition process will be education, written tests, Red Cross training,
drug testing, physical examination including eyes and ears, FBI background
investigation, finger printing, etc.

Hope this helps answer your question.


BeBe, SM2k, #387

--- In, Frederic Houdaille
<fhoudaille@> wrote:

Hi there,
I have heard that several European countries may ask us for an ICC
or some proof of competence when cruising there. Quite frankly I had never
heard this before nor did anyone ever ask me for such a document in my
earlier sailing trips, but what is your experience, especially for those of
you who recently sailed the MED?
Thanks for your feedback.
Frederic Houdaille
Super Maramu "ZAZEN", Hull #404 2003, in Bear, DE, USA

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