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Dear all,
In Fance, we don’t need any diploma to sail even
with our Super Maramu. It
is assumed that sailing is not an easy task and that sailors are serious
enough to train an
progress either in schools like well known “Les Glénans”
or getting experience by yourself. This is one of the rare
areas where we
are not submitted to bureaucracy. Conversely, one needs a “Permis
Plaisance” for engine powered boat
(without sails) above 6 kW. A sailboat is
defined by a minimum ratio between sail surface and engine power. I am

reading regularly the French coast guards reports and less than 5% of their
recovery actions are caused by sailors. It
seems that the assumption is
I’m sailing in west Mediterranee since 20 years and never got a question
it, be it in Spain or Italy. We have been now sailing in Greece for
two years and never got a question of port police
or cost guards about that.
It seems that the key criteria is to respect its own country rules. This
would make sense,
Hope it helps

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