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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning Alessandro
My experience is limited to the US states, as far as know when you enter the US by boat, you need a Visa (b1/b2) for all people on board. 
So if your friends are entering with you on the boat, they need a visa - if they fly to the US then go on the boat, I assume this "should" be ok (if controlled by coast guard).
For the boat, I don't know about the US Virgin Island, but for the states (Florida, etc.) the boat needs a "Cruising permit", mine was free.  Make sure you, every time you leave, then enter a port (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, etc), that you contact the coast guard.  Some places are stricter than some other, I understood in Fort Myer, you need to clear with custom even if you change marina...  I obtain my cruising permit in Key West, we just cleared out when we left (over the radio or phone), then cleared in arriving in Galveston, first over the radio (couldn't reach them), so at fuel dock called them, they were happy.
Seabrook, Tx - USA

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we're entering in US from USBVI or Puerto Rico and we (me, my wife and our daughter) have B!/B2 VISA.
I have two questions regarding US entry :
1. for the boat do we need any special document before entering?
2. we have a couple of fiends of us who will come on board in st marteen and they have not VISA. What have they to do?
thanks for your help


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