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I am 99% sure that your friends from St. Martin will be deported unless they have a US or Canadian passport...and you will be financially responsible for their transportation back to their country.

Check out for summaries of the formalities at

Since the USVI and Puerto Rico are US territories, entry requirements for non-US citzens are as for the US...and you may have the same problem with your guests there. Check Noonsite at

When arriving in the US, you will be asked if you visited Cuba. If you have visited Cuba, you may be asked to leave the US immediately.

Regarding your boat, you will need to show proof of ownership and registration.

Be sure to read all of the information including the cruising permit at

Hope this helps.

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we're entering in US from USBVI or Puerto Rico and we (me, my wife and our daughter) have B!/B2 VISA.
I have two questions regarding US entry :
1. for the boat do we need any special document before entering?
2. we have a couple of fiends of us who will come on board in st marteen and they have not VISA. What have they to do?
thanks for your help


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