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Dear Alessandro,
The crew of a private aircraft or boat can not enter United States territory without having first obtained a B1/2 visa while outside the United States.
Twice I have been crew on on sailing vessels one American and one British that stopped at St Johns USVI.
On the first occasion no one on board understood the need for a visa and I was "deported" there and then in the clothes I stood in to Sopers Hole Tortola where I was interviewed put back on a commercial ferry to St Johns and the US immigration accepted my immigration status because I had arrived on commercial, not private transport and they issued me a ninety day green visa waiver card.
Two years later I was on a delivery trip and the owner wanted to stop at St Johns to take on water and food . Due to my previous experience I refused to leave the boat. The owner went ashore and declared my presence to immigration. I was summoned to report immediately to their office where my green waiver was destroyed and I was again deported.
On arrival by ferry, again immigration issued me a two week waiver and the delivery trip had to be cancelled as a result.
A little known fact is that the immigration officer who receives you into America or Canada has the discretion to either accept or reject you on the spot and if arriving by commercial transport they have the authority to issue a visa waiver for a time period of their choosing up to ninety days.
It is also very important to note when on a private sailing vessel the master is required to visit immigration and customs immediately upon arrival regardless of time and weather conditions once in a port within United States territory.
I have always found both these agencies to courteous and efficient but they have iron rod discipline and anyone who wants to step outside their clearly define guidelines will have a very unhappy experience.
The bottom line is that your friends will not be allowed entry until they have the visas, they normally can be issued within two weeks of application.They also must make themselves available for a mandatory interview by local embassy staff in the country of application.
If needless expense and inconvenience is caused by you or your crew by arriving into the United States without the correct visas the authorities will seek redress from you.
I hope you find this helpful.
Kind regards,
Trevor Lusty
Seafever of Cuan
Super Maramu 425

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What passport does your family catty and what passport do your friends

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Subject: [Amel] US entry

we're entering in US from USBVI or Puerto Rico and we (me, my wife and our
daughter) have B!/B2 VISA.
I have two questions regarding US entry :
1. for the boat do we need any special document before entering?
2. we have a couple of fiends of us who will come on board in st marteen and
they have not VISA. What have they to do?
thanks for your help



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