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Please post the unlock instructions for the 802—so far I have not had any problems using the 802with my pactor-but I guess some channel somewhere is locked.

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The ICOM 802 is not approved for use in the EU

AND, if you buy one from the US, it will be transmit locked to the FCC approved channels.

There is a way to reprogram an 802 so that all channels are xmit need this if you want to use PACTOR on all available freqs.

I can post this document of anyone is interested...

AT-130 can work with 802 also no problem even tho AT-140 is recommended.

710 / 802 pull about 25-30Amps on xmit for a 24V system you need a converter that's min 350W

sm2k redlines have a BLU converter already fitted that can deal with that..Amel <> may be the best bet...

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Hi there is no issue in getting you 802 shipped from Defender Industries. Most users use the 140 tuner they work great. Buy the SSB ant at the same time. You will of course need shielded cable and copper foil and a 24 to 12 volt inverter. The 802 only runs on 12 volts. And remember it pull 160 watts every time you transmit. Good luck are you getting the Pactor modem too.


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On Mar 23, 2013, at 18:12, Lior Keydar <lior246@...> wrote:

hi all

i would like to install ssb radio icom m802 on my boat (amel 54), to order it from the usa and ship it to europe. i think also about using a separate antenna and not the back stay.
can someone advice me what automatic tuner i should use (at-130 or at-140)?
should i order also other options for the installation?
does someone know if there is any problem to ship it to europe?
what would be a good shop in the usa to order it?

thank you for your help

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