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Maria Geiger

Thank you so much for all your advices. Some of them are really technical for me but I'm learning:)

Maria Geiger

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Electronics and connections: I have revived 4 laptops (2 of them mine), numerous electronic devices, and corrected low voltage connections with microscopic, but damaging corrosion. It is a simple process: Lightly coat the circuit board and all connections with CorrosionX. I use a small artist's paintbrush.

I have no connection with CorrosionX.

Since we have been aboard BeBe, Corrosion has saved me thousands of dollars...don't leave port without it.


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.... Autohelm ST7000 ... shows "Low Battery"
PITU (Super Maramu No. 148)
I'll second the guesses that it's an electrical connection and I've had it, too. After redoing the connections at the computer it still periodically showed "low batt". Turned out to be the connection at the other end of that wire, where it clamps into a heavy duty connector feeding from the battery. Keep looking!
Craig Briggs
s/v SANGARIS, SN#68, Didim, Turkey (where we'll head next month)

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