Re: [Amel] Auto Pilot Autohelm ST7000 - Low battery- ironic

Maria Geiger

Yes Joe, this is exactly what I'm doing now ;)

Happy Eastern to everybody !


Le 1 avr. 2013 à 12:39, "joemac4sail" <> a écrit :

Hi Eric

Coming from France back to Dublin a few years ago, the autohelm st7000 died. With the prospect of a couple of ineperienced crewmembers having to share helm duty, I realised that I was going to have to show them that an Amel boat when set up right, could hold a course. After balancing the sails and setting the boat on its course north, I tied a bit of bungy cord from the wheel to the canopy support pole. this took the shock out of the wheel as KhamsinB came down of a wave. Instead of having to stand at the wheel for the whole trip, all that was required was a slight course correction every 5 minuits or so.
Regards Joe

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