Re: [Amel] Rubber Replacement in Rub Rail

Mark Erdos

Thank you Maria

How differcult was it to replace? Is it fastened in any way?

Cream Puff
SM2K #275

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Hello Mark,

I ordered from Amel at La Rochelle, they did mail it to me. :)

Kind regards,


Le 3 avr. 2013 à 14:39, "captain_cucumber_head" <mcerdos@...> a écrit :

Has anyone had experience replacing the rubber capping that runs on top of the full length of the rub rail on a SM?

Our boat is currently on the hard and while this could probably go another couple of years it is kind of nasty looking. I would like to replace it but would like to know what I getting into first.

Many thanks.

Cream Puff
SM2K #275

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