Re: rub rail filler

Mark Erdos


Thanks for the input. This is a big help.

However, the rub rail filler is cracking at the aft end (it could probably
be glued) and sags in the middle where it holds water and mildews. This
eventually drips down the top sides and ... messy!

I was concerned that this was sealed or fastened somehow. Now that I know
this is not a difficult project to undertake, it is just a matter of when.
I'll prepare for the sticker shock.

As always, thank you for the help!


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Mark, the filler piece in the rub rail trough is pretty easy to remove and
replace using dish soap and water as a lubricant. Once you get it started at
the aft end, in comes out and goes back in pretty easily. No mechanical
fasteners, just an interference fit. It is very expensive to buy and ship.
It will get ugly sooner than later as it doesn't store well in a warehouse.
No UV protection built in so it degrades and then stains readily when
exposed to the elements. A powerful blasting with a pressure washer followed
by scrubbing with a dilute chlorine and detergent solution followed by white
vinegar full strength. That's for the white version, the chocolate brown
examples have additional steps to renew and restore them. After it dries, us
a automotive tire and trim preservative to seal it once a month but not
Armor All. I use Eagle Brand tire gel spray from Advance Auto or similar.
That is how I get Super Maramus with dowdy rub rails ready to sell, probably
what I had done to Creampuff before I showed it to you and Miss Cindy!

All the best,


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