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Here is a good article about them

in summary reducing galvanic corrosion and safety benefits through isolation of the shore AC supply


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Thanks, Dave,
So, should it reduce galvanic corrosion, or are there other benefits?

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It isolates the shore power ground from your boat by making that connection with transformer coils as opposed to a direct wired connection. Iso transformers used to be large, heavy, and expensive but the modern ones are smaller, lighter, and somewhat economical. I think they're a good idea for boats that spend time in marinas. Previous owner of our boat installed one and I'm happy it's in there.

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Sorry to be the dummy again, but what purpose is served by the isolation transformer? What's it isolating and from what?
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Hi Andrew and Kate

On our SM, the previous owner added a Charles isolation transformer and it is placed in the lazarette on the shelf next to the propane locker. We have an A/B switch in the engine room to select between it and and the standard shore power plug.

This has work well for us.

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I wish to install an isolation transformer on my SM2K - does anyone know if there is a recommended location for this. I was thinking of making a bracket for the rear engine compartment bulkhead. But not sure if there are any issues with this - the transformer ways about 25kgs.

thanks in Advance

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