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You must understand that there were 20 foot waves crashing into that
marina. I think that Amel was flung in the air and landed on another
boat and that is how it was holed. In other cases catamarans were
flying trough the air and holed boats. That is how a 72' custom Farr
was sunk. At another marina a mid 80s Halberg rassy 42 was holed and
sunk as well as a hans Christian, Yet righ next to these boats was an
Oday 35 that survived quite well!


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Could you comment on your observations of the damage to the Amels
vs. the
others? For those of us that have not had a factory tour of all
the major
offshore manufactures, we sadly observed that you can learn a lot
about boat
construction when they are tossed about and put into piles after a
hurricane. This was quite evident after hurricane Fran hit the NC
coast...but we had a high proportion of sport fisherman, I/O
cruisers, etc.
I am curious in the one photo of why the Amel sank...especially
given the
water tight bulkheads (doors open...leak unattended for several
days?) I am
in the process of looking for a Santorin...and regretfully one
doesn't get
to do a damage comparison until these catastrophic weather events


Tom Keesling

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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 16:48:08 -0000
From: asm283
Subject: Amels in Grenada


My Super Maramu Wanderer was in Grenada during Hurricane Ivan. She
was on the hard in Spice Island marina. She sustained moderate
damage. Lost the Main Mast, rudder damage, bent chainplates and
got inside the boat. I did well as compared to other Super Maramus.
also did well as compared to other Oysters, Morris,halbergs and
Swans. I have pictures of stanctions going trough 1.3mm Oysters and
sunk 72' swan, Halbergs with no rigs, benetaus without keels.


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