Air Intake Grill for Espar Heater

Craig Briggs

Here's another parts update. Dave on Air Ops posted some time ago about getting replacement grills for the air intake on the cockpit seat back as the grill seems periodically to get cracked by a stay foot or whatever.

I just got 3 of these from the French manufacturer, Nicoll. They are Model FB 111 and come with a closure and mosquito netting.

When I mentioned that they seemed to have suffered UV deterioration and become discolored and brittle, Nicoll checked to see if there was an aluminium substitute. There was not, so they sent the original PVC version. They arrived in less than a week and, to my surprise, there was no charge!

You can find them at and the phone is 02 41 63 73 83. Great folks!

Craig Briggs
s/v Sangaris, Santorin #68

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