Re: [Amel] Reduction Gearbox for Mainsail Furling and Outhaul

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are you talking about the motors we refitted thru Mauro? Or something else?

It seems to me that the gearboxes on Sisila are working properly, but maybe ...

So next month in Turkey again! Good

Attilio & Maria Siviero
Amel Santorin#84 "Sisila"

Il giorno 04/apr/2013, alle ore 21:06, "sv Sangaris" <sangaris@...> ha scritto:

There was a flurry of postings on this last November - here's an update.

The originals on our 1992 Santorin Hull #68 were made by the Italian Company, Bonfiglioli. The complete specification is: VF 44 P1 70 P63 B14 B3.

Bonfiglioli USA is in Hebron, KY and sells through authorized distributors - I used Drivetech Automation, Inc. in Sunrise, FL. The cost was $220.00 US each and I bought two (to replace both the outhaul and the furler.) Shipping($18.40) and Tax ($26.40) additional. Great folks to work with and the parts arrived in three days. Drivetech's phone is: 954-746-9800.

The units arrived unfinished - I used a spray aluminum primer and then gloss enamel finish coats by Rustoleum. Will install back on the boat in Turkey next month and expect another 20 years out of them - may I last as long. Likely will install grease fittings after I get back and go for 30.

Craig Briggs
s/v Sangaris

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