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Erick MEJEAN <maramu@...>

I'm very sorry to see that the politically correct diktat has reached this forum. May I remind to those who gets so easily offended by the naked truth that sailing carries some objective risks. Its is better to be prepared...... In the case of Ivan a good set of picture is better than a pontoon forum....
What is wrong in showing some damaged Amel? Is this forum not about Amel? Does it damage the image of the yard????? I don't think so as any sensible sailor who has gone through some real rough weather knows that the sea can be incredibly powerful. Thus,the damaged occurred by the Amel's yacht are not worrying at all given the magnitude of Ivan. Even the Titanic went down.......... As far as I understand the main purpose of this forum is to share any kind of experience, good or bad about Amel's yachts, it is not mean to be an advertising center for Amel..........Despite the picture I would still prefer to face a Hurricane in my SM than in most of the similar yachts available on the market.
One last question? Does this means that from today onwards only good things about our beloved yachts can be said on this forum?
Regards to all

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From: "closereach" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Photos removed
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 11:41:22 -0000

Eric, Jerome and Amel owners,
Photos of damaged Amels have been removed for this site. If anyone
wants to see how Ivan ravaged Grenada, the Seven Seas Cruising
Association has a link to several websites loaded with photos. Go to

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