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Regrettably our stay in New Caledonia was only about a week. I met someone from the UK that spent 12 years traveling between New Cal and New Zealand and occasionally Fiji and/or Tonga.

If we had it to over again, we would not have been in such a hurry to move on. It really does not get better anywhere that we have been in this world, and we are 3/4ths the way around.

Enjoy your Super Maramu...she will not let you down.

The most valuable advice I can offer is regardless of what some people may tell you, do not be quick to change something because it is different or you do not understand it. With time and experience, most everything will make total sense to you. If it still does not make sense, ask one of us.


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I have just bought Hull#437 ELYES in Noumea, New Caledonia.
Thanks to all on this forum, you assisted my research greatly and I have finally found the boat of my dreams !

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