Synthetic rubber filler insert in the rubrail


Further to my last directions regarding changing out the synthetic rubber
part of the rub rail. Here is some more helpful information. Use plenty of
dish soap/water to get the rubber very slippery. Start at the stern and pry,
carefully so as not to crush or distort the fiberglass rub rail, the rubber
up from out of the channel it is held in. As you work it out, pull up and
twist/rotate the rubber as it comes free from what holds it in place. As
soon as you have a meter pulled out, the rest will be child's play. You'll
learn quick how easily this goes along.

When you reinstall the new rubber, the reverse of the above is true and use
plenty of slippery sauce. A plastic/rubber mallet/hammer and a electric heat
gun are also worthy tools. He heat gun may be needed to soften the rubber if
it is not T- shirt and short pants weather but please BE CAREFUL! With heat,
if enough is good, more is definitely NOT better. Easy does it.

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