Damaged Amels

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

I too am a little distressed that the photo's were removed. Was it
because of limited space for photos and these photos could be found
elsewhere? I have since searched out a number of other photos of the
sad situation in Grenada. My Amel was in one of those yards two
years ago for hurricane season and I felt smug and secure that I was
outside the hurricane belt. This was really a wake up call for me.
Liahona was in a canal in Ft. Lauderdale but that didn't keep me from
sweating bullets during Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne.

Bottom line is that if there is a direct hit of a category 5
hurricane there is little that anyone can do. I was surprised,
howevere, to see a lot of sails and even dinghys on boats. I thought
it was standard practice to take everything down to minimize windage

I count many in Grenada as good friends and I feel genuine pain for
their losses as well as the losses of everyone else that has suffered
during this active hurricane season.

Amel has always been a quality company, in my opinion there are none
better when it comes to owner service. I hope this forum will remain
a place where both good points and bad points of view can be

God bless those who have suffered losses, Gary Silver SM # 335

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