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I am not an expert (others may have different advice as gas is obviously an important issue) but I think you have two choices: cut the copper pipe shorter to remove the nut and compression ring, or if not enough pipe to do this, re-use the nut and ring and just replace the hose with one with identical threads and bore. The important thing is to test afterwards for leaks with soapy bubbly water. Maybe once in a suitable location have the system inspected by a gas technician.


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Hi Trevor,
Thanks for your reply. I'll check the info. I am also looking for some hands on experience to share. I put some photo's of the bimini in the Razor's Edge photo folder. Just in case you want to use it.
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Hi Rink,
It may help to check out they have all parts for Eno cookers. Click on toolbox where you will find a wide variety of hoses and fittings for gas bottles.
I hope this is of some help to you.
On a separate subject, you did a great job with the canopy/bimini on Razors Edge, we are currently trying to do something similar at the moment.
On retrospect is there anything that you would now change?
Trevor Lusty
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I want to replace my rubber gas pipes from the bottles to the copper pipe and from the ENO stove to the copper pipe. As there are compression fittings being used I assume there will be an old compression ring left on the copper pipe. Has anyone experience with replacing the rubber gas pipes and removing the compression rings?
I have to do it myself since there are no certified companies in the marina where I am (Turkey).

Rink de Haan
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