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Craig Briggs

On the other hand......
take a look at Nanni's Intercalated Line, with a 4.5Kw variable speed generator inserted in the drive line of the Kubota engine. Here's a link to a brochure showing it in an Amel.

Nanni is (now) a French company - interesting that they feature their product in an Amel - I wonder if they may be talking to Amel - heard anything, Joel? I've often wondered why Amel hasn't moved into the hybrid eco-trend - maybe they are now.

We've got a 4.5Kw(6Kw@110v) Northern Lights Genset with a Kubota engine and both that and our Perkins have about 7500 hours on them. The Kubota has been absolutely bullet proof. I would definitely put the Nanni Hybrid system on my list to carefully evaluate when I get to the point of repowering, replacing both genset and propulsion engine with one unit. Of course with Kubota's reliability that's a long way off :-)

You can check out the whole Nanni product line at this link:

Craig Briggs,
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Hello everybody,

We are thinking to buy a new motor for our Super Maramu does any one has a Nanni?
What would be your experience?

Than you ,


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