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Maria Geiger

Thank you so much Richard, yes you're completely right is not only the price of the motor but installation, service after sell, propeller and transition. We will look all this with the expert here in St. Raphael.

Thank you so much for all the advices.

By the way an update about my autopilot... We have to change it! 2 Raymarine...! No more steering ;)



Le 17 avr. 2013 à 13:13, Richard03801 <> a écrit :

Hi when you are looking to repower there are a number of issues to address:
- costs not simply to cost of the motor buy to cost of the installation and operation.
- available parts and service.
- noise some 4 cylinder diesels are prone to vibrate and hammer hard.
- of course resale value of the boat.

As you most likely know there are lots of choices. Given only you know your plans for the boat down the road think about the above. There is lots of support on this site for the Yanmar install, there is also Kaboda, Volvo, Styer, and others all with a good sales pitch. In addition think about which transmission to spec with the engine. In most cases if the engine is worn out so is the transmission. Do you need a free Wheeling unit to run an alternator? Are the options for a higher quality unit with ground gears, that will run quite, what is the best reduction for your boat given the weight and use as well as engine power curve.
New engine may also mean a different pitch prop.
Lots to think about. If you like to chat give me a call.
All the best.
SM 209 in Newport RI


Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

On Apr 16, 2013, at 13:32, "Maria Geiger" <> wrote:

Hello everybody,

We are thinking to buy a new motor for our Super Maramu does any one has a Nanni?
What would be your experience?

Than you ,


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