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hanspeter baettig

Dear Craig
can you send me your email adress, so we can communicate and not disturbing this forum.

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Hi Hanspeter,

I agree redundancy and backup is good. If you read Nanni's literature,
per the link, you'll see their Intecalated Hybrid concept gives good backup as the in-line generator can also be driven
by the propellor with the engine off - much like the Santorin shaft generator.

So for battery charging you'd have 1.
the conventional engine battery alternator, 2. DC output from the 2.4kv Intercalated generator being driven by the
engine (it puts out both AC and DC), 3. same as 2 but driven by propellor while sailing and, in your case, 4. your
solar panels.

And you can maneuvre under batteries alone! How cool is that! I rather think we'll see the industry
continuing to go in this direction - Amel may be lagging a bit. Backup needn't be old technology, except for guys like
me who hug their engines and keep 'em running forever.

Will keep a lookout for you this season in Turkey as we may
head north from Didim past Kusadasi.


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Dear Craig
You are absolutly right, the Nanni product line is proofed as a quality
product and a well known name in the
marin industry; less in the US then in Europe.
But in my long time experiance
with Amel, the aim of Amel was and is
always to have a backup system. If the main engine fails, you don't have again
220 V and no auxiliary system for
charging the batteries.
For example, I have on my SM #16 3 ways to charge my
batteries ( and this is in my opinion the
first goal of a concret energy system); Alternator 24 V 95 A on the main
engine, Genset via charger 220V - 24 V and on
the genset a 75 alternator 24 V. Additional I have installed 4 flat
solar panals on the deck with 300 Wp at 24 Volt.
That gives me an average of 2 to 3 amps at 24 Volt. Not for
charging the batteries, but to slow down gen set hours if
we have sun. Of course there is still the shore power if
laying in a marina.

Fair wind
SM #16 Tamango2

Krusadasi, Turkey

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[Amel] Re: Nanni

On the other hand......
take a look at Nanni's
Intercalated Line, with a 4.5
Kw variable speed generator inserted in the drive line of the Kubota engine. Here's a
link to a brochure showing it
in an Amel.

Nanni is (now)
French company - interesting that they feature their product in an Amel - I wonder if they may be talking to Amel
heard anything, Joel? I've often wondered why Amel hasn't moved into the hybrid eco-trend - maybe they are now.

We've got a 4.5Kw(6Kw@110v) Northern Lights Genset with a Kubota engine and both that and our Perkins have
about 7500
hours on them. The Kubota has been absolutely bullet proof. I would definitely put the Nanni Hybrid
system on my list
to carefully evaluate when I get to the point of repowering, replacing both genset and propulsion
engine with one unit.
Of course with Kubota's reliability that's a long way off :-)

You can check out the whole
Nanni product line at this


sv SANGARIS, Santorin #68, Didim Turkey

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Hello everybody,

We are thinking to buy a new motor for our Super Maramu does
any one has a Nanni?
would be your experience?

Than you ,


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