Photos of damaged Amels


Just to give the controversy about above subject a positive twist:
My SM 143 "GIGUE" (as well as a SM of my friend) survived Ivan in
Grenada on the hard (St. Davids Harbor) without a scratch - at least
this is what I was told by the yard, my electrician and my insurance
agency. Next week I will convince myself that the miracle actually
Still, it would be wrong to attribute this to the fact that
it concerns an Amel yacht and in my opinion the same holds true for
the sunken SM pictured. I believe the survival of my boat has to do
with the location of the yard, the size and weight of the boat, it's
souroundings (big boats) and the way it was stored.
Frankly I was irritated and astonished when I read the request to
remove the pictures and I have problems to understand the reasoning.
What I would be most interested however to learn is why exactly the
boat went aground - maybe we all could benefit and then we might be
thankful that this picture was posted.
Rainer Bichlbauer

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