SM deck leak

Graham Boyd

We are just back from a pretty rough crossing of the South China Sea with strong winds forward of the beam the whole way. A few years ago we had a similar trip up the west of Portugal and Biscay. On both occasions we found on arrival evidence of water ingressing the bulk head between the front cabin and the storage area opposite the front heads just below deck level. On both occasions I have removed the wood trim at the top of the bulk head and slightly pulled back the foam liner under the side deck but can find no evidence of where the water is coming in.
I cannot recreate the leak during more "normal" sailing.
Has any one else experienced a leak like this in this area? The next step I think will be to reseal the front cabin windows. Any top tips on how to remove the wood trim inside the boat to replace the window seals?

Perhaps it is a stantion base leak?

I look forward to any comments

Graham Boyd
SM 140
Hong Kong

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