Alejandro Paquin

I see no point is removing the pictures. I totally agree with other
members reasoning for keeping the pictures and the forum open to wide
discussion on Amel and issues that can help Amel Owners.

I do think that, posting unrelated pictures of damage in Grenada (or
any other unrelated subject for that matter) is non conducive,
because it distracts us from the main discussion and uses up valuable
space allotted to our Group. Besides there are tons of websites where
this pictures have already been published.

The rationale employed by those wanting the pictures removed sounded
more like censorship, which I can't agree with.

I think we can all learn from this and many other experiences
relating to this and other incidents.
We definitely need more participation. Too bad that it takes
something like this to get people interested.

Fair Winds and good weekend to all,
Alex Paquin

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